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  • Why should I purchase this product?
    ● If used correctly, it works. ● Boosts confidence ● All ingredients are 100% natural ● Smells pleasant ● Can use the restroom and not leave an odor behind ● Can engage in physical activities and still smell fresh ● No complaints of odors during or after sex
  • How to use?
    **** Directions for the ODOR CREAM**** WARNING!!!! FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. First, you MUST bathe or shower. After drying off, use your fingers to apply the cream to your butt crack, crotch or private areas. Wait 5-10 mins before wiping off the cream. Do a smell test and reapply as needed. Wipe off any excess cream before getting dressed because it will stain your clothes.
  • How does these products work?
    These products work by attacking or eliminating the bad bacteria on your skin by neutralizing the odors caused by sweating.
  • Can I use this product if I have sensitive skin?
    Consult with your physician before using any products you are unsure about. Even natural products can irritate the skin.
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